Notes from the APSE Executive Director

The Right Tools Make Change Infinitely More Manageable

I may be preaching to the choir when I say this, but sometimes we all need to hear it--worthwhile change is often hard. In fact, it can seem like downright dirty work if the transformation takes place at a deep level. But with determination and the right tools, it can be done. I need to remember this right now, and I want you to remember it too.

APSE's transformative mission is to advance integrated employment through advocacy and education. When we come up with a better way to do either of those things, we want you to know about it.

This month, we're formally introducing two new tools developed to help your organization navigate the shifting political and policy landscape and strengthen your organization. Change can be managed for positive outcomes if you've got a solid plan and the right tools:

From Workshops to Workplaces: Achieving the Goals of Employment First is a comprehensive eLearning course developed by APSE in response to a need expressed by agencies across the country. As the Employment First movement accelerates, federal regulations have asked agencies to change how they serve individuals with disabilities. Many organizations want to make the transition from a segregated service delivery model to integrated and community-based employment services. That's a major transformation. We couldn't find an in-person or online resource that lays out helpful tips and strategies in enough depth or detail. So we created one.

From Workshops to Workplaces enlists experts in integrated employment and organizational change to present (13) one-hour modules that cover the challenges you're likely to confront as you build capacity to advance equitable employment, including:

  • Funding strategies
  • Staff development
  • Communicating change
  • Employer outreach
  • Business strategic planning
  • Board development.

Now...let's move from tackling transformation to wrestling alligators and talk about the political landscape in Washington, DC. APSE has dedicated a section of our website, called Medicaid Action Center, to keep you up to date on the latest developments concerning the fate of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and its expanded Medicaid coverage. Both the Trump Administration and Congressional leaders have proposed major changes to the ACA. The impacts of these proposed changes is uncertain-- and more proposals are inevitable. Check the Center for Media Updates, Action Alerts, and coming soon, an updated Advocacy Toolkit. These tools will help you understand the role you can play in advocating for competitive, integrated employment.

APSE encourages you to take advantage of these tools for change and keep the Employment First movement strong and moving forward.

Allison Wohl, Executive Director

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