A Little MIAPSE History

The Michigan Association for Person's in Supported Employment had its origin in a restaurant in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1997. A group from Michigan who was attending the national APSE conference met to discuss the employment needs of persons with disabilities in Michigan and how both consumers and providers might benefit from the establishment of a Michigan chapter of APSE. This group had discussions with representatives of the Indiana Association for Person's in Supported Employment (INAPSE) and the national APSE to determine how to initiate chapter development.

Upon returning to Michigan, this group identified a potential Board of Directors and others interested in participating in forming a chapter. A Board was formed, by-laws written and adopted, a mission and strategic plan outlined, an identity established and "poof" MIAPSE was recognized as a "Chapter in Development" by the national organization. A year later, MIAPSE became a fully recognized chapter.

Our first annual MIAPSE annual conference was held in 2000 in Livonia. It was a one day event with over 150 people in attendance. Every year since, MIAPSE has sponsored an employment conference bringing in nationally recognized speakers and trainers and presenting cutting edge employment strategies. Dale DiLeo, Cary Griffin, Michael Callahan, are but a few of the national leaders who have presented at MIAPSE conferences. Conferences have been held around the state.

Regional networking and training events have also been across the state to further expand the knowledge and skills of providers and individuals in seeking employment opportunities. Regional events recognize the "home-grown" talent and expertise and provides opportunities to share information and exchange ideas.

MIAPSE represents a diverse group of stakeholders whose mission is to increase the employment options and expand the successful employment outcomes for all persons with disabilities.