Success Stories - Archive

Touched by Angels

Zita wanted to share this story because of receiving "the blessing that other people can care and show so much love. I was really touched by angels."

Zita was tired of people stealing from her and wanted to 'start all over and to meet positive people." So when she met her first angel she said "he led me in the right direction, making me see life in a godly, clean and sober way" which encouraged her to relocate to Kalamazoo in August of 2011. She was receiving mental heath services from Summit Pointe, but with her move she changed agencies to Bridgeways for case management.

Zita said her second angel, her case manager, was very helpful in getting her established in Kalamazoo and helped connect her with resources to 'start life over again, fresh and clean." Since Zita wanted to work, her case manager referred her to Action Employment Services (AES) at InterAct. At InterAct, Zita said she met her third angel, a very caring person who was her employment specialist (ES), who "made me feel real good about myself" and assisted her with developing a resume, references and searching for jobs.

Zita was quickly hired by Commercial Building Services (CBS) to clean commercial sites and also realized she had an interest in helping others like her ES. It was suggested she have her case open with MRS to help with her current job needs. Zita identified her MRS counselor as her fourth angel because she helped Zita in her recovery by purchasing shoes, clothes for work, new eye glasses and assisted with the purchase of a vehicle in order to help Zita with transportation to go from one site to the next in her job with CBS, allowing her to make more money.

Zita's co-worker gave her a tip about a car from a person working at Bronson Hospital, (Zita's fifth angel) who ended up selling her the car for a reduced amount because of Zita wanting a job helping others. Now Zita has reliable transportation, still has her job with CBS, and is pursuing a career as a peer support specialist. On 8/17/12, Zita was hired by InterAct to co-facilitate the wellness programs art group. Zita said "you have to want success to get it and I give thanks to God for sending these angels my way."

Ken's Success Story

Ken Bradshaw stated "following my plan and sticking with it made me able to get a job from CM and AES got me a job helped with me with a resume I never had one MRS helped me with everything from car insurance plates and license tags gas to job search interview clothes bus passes so I could get to work I had not worked in 2 years I was not able to communicate without getting angry but MRS sent me for anger management therapy I would recommend that persons who need help in getting a job should go to AES."